Crysis and Nvidia Perfhud

Posted: October 29, 2009 in News

When looking for ideas and inspiration, I generally turn to games like Crysis and Farcry, not only because they rock! with their graphical content, but also because they’re extremely dev friendly. All the developer tools seem to have been left in the published versions, which you can enable by running in developer mode. You can take a look here for a tutorials on this. And whats even cooler, is that you can run Crysis in PerfHud. So you can see exactly how its being rendered, by steping through it, or looking at the shader code and models. I like to use a lot of the data in Crysis, specially the textures. And then to tip it off, there’s SandBox, …for a complete bundle, what more could you ask for? …. Crytek ROCK !


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