Grass Rendering

Posted: October 29, 2009 in Real-Time Rendering

I’ve Been working on a grass shader lately. Many of the ideas were taken from papers from around the net, such as this article in GPU Gems, which I might add all three volumes are now free to view on the Nvidia Dev site. The grass shader works by rendering instances of the same mesh, which means you can save memory in that respect, but I’ve also been experimening with a few other ideas :

  • Instanced Clumps
  • Single vertex buffer technique
  • Index and vertex technique
  • Static meshes, (that still move in the wind)
  • Camera facing planes
  • single Tri- planes as opposed to 2 tri planes
  • Grabbing some of the colour data from the terrain
  • Interaction with the camera
  • Self shadowing and general shadowing techniques
  • More randomness, in size, colour, age, textures arrays etc


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