Posted: October 29, 2010 in Real-Time Rendering

This is an approximate Radiosity effect I was trying out. Approximate in that it instead renders from the vertices point of view as opposed to the patches point of view. It also doesnt render the half sized bits either, which seems to cause artifacts in the corners,  not a bad result though. The app runs in real time (125fps in debug mode), and works by first rendering the view from each vertex to a render target, and then using that target in a seond stage to light the vertex itself, and this process continues. The viewport rendered from each vertices point of view is actually very small (only 32×32 pixels in the images below, which you’ll need to zoom in quite far), where I use a 1024×1024 render target to store them all in a grid. I also included some debug functionality that allows you to view the scene from each vertex (shown in the last few images) which was handy. The scene used here is very low poly, you can see the wireframe in the last few images.

This first image shows the end effect.

This second image shows the views from the vertices from one iteration.

These final images show the view from several vertices, which made debugging easier.


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