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Particle Editor

Posted: August 29, 2011 in General, Real-Time Rendering

This is my Particle Editor, which was inspired by Unreals Cascade, I call it ‘AssCade’. Its got a lot of the same functionality, including being able to graph all sorts of effects. As you can see from the images, each particle system is made from a series of emitters, which are in turn affected by modifiers. All the computation is done on the CPU as it made it easier to do effects on sibling emitters. Once all the emitters have been processed, they are then sent to the GPU to render. Where each particle consists of a single vertex, and is then expanded into a quad in the Geometry shader. Rather than have each emitter manage a vertex buffer, I instead chose to use the more optimized route of having each particle system manage the vertex buffer, that is used by its child emitters, requiring only a single lock per Particle system, as opposed one for each emitter, which can really add up with effects usually having at least 3-4 emitters.

I am toying around with the idea of having all the computation performed on the GPU to increase performance, by compiling\creating a HLSL effect file from the particle system nodes, similar to what Epic does with their material editor, but I havent got around to that yet.