Posted: October 29, 2011 in Real-Time Rendering

Terrain rendering through multiple draw calls by dynamically stitching together patches. The pictures shown use a 4096×4096 heightmap giving around 6 square miles of exploration using units of 1 meter per game unit. The shader accepts up to 16 layers, allowing for the painting of different textures using blending. The patches are processed in the Vertex shader (displacement, normals, tangents), which makes the terrain completely dynamic, and could be made destructable by using a dynamic heightmaps. The terrain is quite low in terms of memory cost as only different LOD  patches are stored (2^4, 2^5, 2^6, 2^7, 2^8), and are reused. The real cost comes into storing the heightmap which can be fairly large.

4096 * 4096 ~ 16MB (6 Square miles)
8192 * 8192 ~ 67MB (25 Square miles)
16384 * 16384 ~ 268MB (100 Square miles)

However, these need not be loaded all at once and can be streamed in when required, releasing the out of view ones.


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