Final Gather 2

Posted: October 31, 2011 in RayTracing

Update to FG. The sample points are now based not only on view ray intersecitons, but also points layed out on the geometry (back face culled). This produces nice results as you get more points in complex areas, and the distribution increases as the rays form more grazing angles to the geometry. There are still some artifacts though, and this is based on the points being uniformly placed, and patterns can be seen in the interpolation. Hopefully some randomness will sort this out. I also tried using ambient occulsion to create a buffer which can be used to distribute points. It worked great, but is just very slow to compute. If I reduce the samples, then a get a more noisy buffer, if I reduce the resolution of the buffer then I get other artifacts showing up. Im still going to play around with it some more and try to reach a good compromise.

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