Future C++ Books

Posted: October 31, 2011 in News

I was looking to see if there were any new books out based on C++11. I didn’t find any, as its still early (Guess we’ll have to give it a year or two), but I did find these coming out next year. Thought I’d share.

Effective Concurrency in C++ – Herb Sutter – 28 June 2012
Speaking of C++ – Herb Sutter – 28 June 2013

C++ Programming Language – Bjarne Stroustrup – 28 January 2012

C++ Templates – David Vandevoorde & Nocholai Josutti – 28 August 2012

The C++ Standard Library – Nocholai Josutti – 28 April 2012

( Dates retrieved from www.BookDeposity.co.uk )

I’m personally looking forward to the new editions of the “The C++ Standard library” and “C++ Programming language”. Going by this though, I wonder just how much code will actually compile in VS when they do come out :) ( assuming they are using C++ 11 )

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